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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Fri Jun 17 18:53:29 PDT 2011

Hi Bill, NZ5N

I hope you have the schematic diagram with you.The Azimuth meter M-1
has a terminal connected to the ground and the other one is connected to
R3 and C-10 on operational amplifier Q3

Disconnect the hot wire of M-1 connected to R3 and put in series between
it and ground a DC milliamperometer (1 mA f.s or less should be OK)

If manually rotating the Azimuth the milliamperometer is moving back and
forth than the electrical circuitry is working correctly and probably the
meter M-1 has received some shock and is stuck against the plastic cover of
the instrument.

To calibrate again the Azimuth meter adjust the 10 k potentiometer VR1 for
full scale indication when the rotator is fully turned by 450°

VR1 i.e. the Azimuth Full Scale potentiometer is the first pot. looking the
Control Box from the back.

Have fun.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> Hi,
> I brought a G5500 with me to Europe and have it up and running.  The
elevation rotor is working as it should.  The azimuth rotor turns the
antenna left and right as it should when the button is pressed, but the
readout on the controller is not working.  When I turned on the controller,
the azimuth meter pinned to the right (i.e., beyond the red 90 degrees
mark).  I was able to adjust on the back to get the meter unpinned, but the
indicator does not move at all when the rotor is activated.  Any ideas on
what may be wrong?
> 73, Bill NZ5N/OM3BD
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