[amsat-bb] Re: ISS HRD

don donmc at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jun 17 02:02:41 PDT 2011

Hi Gordon,

Why bother with the rants if you feel so pissed?

I also liked the "old" amsat site but also realise things have moved on 
since then.
Way back (!) I used to get my keps from the scheds on 20 metres along 
with several other folk, we all used to pool our handwritten notes to 
get consensus on the probable keps.
  Then they were entered manually into a derivative of Tom Clark's 
"orbit" program, thanks to Phil ZL1PK, who had access to the work 
computer and then disseminated to other interested amateurs.
Sometimes by MAIL!.
Today I fire up SATpc and upload the latest keps, have a look at the 
track of the selected sat, look at the mutual visibility and decide if 
it's worth going on air...... Tragic really when I think that I used to 
listen for AO10 and then try to get onboard using all (really) home brew 

So I guess , is the amsat community about grid chasing, moaning about 
the HEO LEO FM APRS ISS DATA ETC satellites or about amateur 
experimentation on OUR frequencies using space based technology?

In any event I expect a heap of replies about the direction that some of 
the posters to this forum seem to be heading in.(hi Keith!)
In my opinion(!) the  majority of folk on the board are far more 
interested in chasing grids and complaining about the minutiae of 
operating a given sat instead of debating the real issues... like where 
or who is going to provide more space junk for us to (hopefully) 
experiment with. Notice I did not say grid chase, position finangle
systems, space relay systems, or any thing else.... All I would like to 
see is real debate and experimentation on AMSAT (as in real, and 
hypothetical future sats, as opposed to the present fixation on the lack 
of "x" satellites). As an old curmudgeon these topics exercise my 
limited mental capabilities but I would still like to see some 
intelligent discussion on at least some of of the crazy "I'm entitled to 
this (information) I see far too often on this board.
Get real: Search for it your selves...Google...Join your local club, get 
on air and ask, go to a local college and join there science class,
do some research at your local library...etc etc.
I really worry that the "amateur" service is going to vanish mainly due 
to "the we are entitled to it" mentality.
We aren't.

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