[amsat-bb] Re: ISS

Jeremy Bomkamp wa113y3s at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 17:13:24 PDT 2011

No problem Kevin.  I dont rely on HRD sat tracker much but after seeing your 
message on the board I did some investigating to see what the problem actually 
was.  My HRD sat tracking was lagging like yours for the ISS, I closed it and 
tried running as administrator and uploading keps and nothing changed.  By 
chance I changed my keps on satpc32 from celestrak to amsat and the ISS was 
predicted to be the same position as HRD.  That is how I came across the remedy 
for HRD, but when I eliminated the amsat site for keps downloads, all it showed 
was the moon no matter what sat I selected, so I shut down sat tracker and 
restarted and everything worked like it should.  And before Alan asks again, my 
callsign is AB9RU, and thanks again Alan for your satpc32 doppler file, and 
Kevin good luck hunting packet QSO's on the ISS digi

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