[amsat-bb] Re: Major ISS reboost June 12th

John Wright ham at g4dmf.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 04:26:09 PDT 2011

At 13:10 11/06/2011, you wrote:
>According to Roscosmos, the ISS altitude will be raised 19.2 km tomorrow.
>Until updated Keps are available from Space Track, there will be a slippage
>in predictions of _approximately_ 6 minutes per day!

Keps for post-burn, show altitude as 375Km

1 25544U 98067A   11166.87152924  .00016717  00000-0  10270-3 0  9088
2 25544  51.6421 167.4160 0010688 287.4137  72.5851 15.61963750 40703

The PREDICTED keps are available at the following address, predicted 
for all current maneuvers several days in ahead.

There are several sets for intermediate stages of the reboost.

Most of the information about burns ect, go right over my head, but 
no doubt it will mean something to
those who are a bit more 'rocket science' than I am.


I've posted this link before, but no-one has ever commented on it.

You can also get preliminary keps for shuttle launches here.


The ISS link goes to the ISS page in first link, the shuttle link 
goes to the shuttle predictions when one is in active service.

Above links useful, or just some link I found to useless data?

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