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I don't know what format you are sending in, but 
using Eudora it is very difficult to read....here is a sample

>astronaut Satoshi Furukawa can be viewed at the 
>UniverseToday   web site: 
>http://tinyurl.com/6c2gews + A new yahoo group 
>dedicated to Digital Amateur Television has 
>been   created. The purpose of the group is to 
>share knowledge & experiences   using & 
>developing DATV technology for amateur use. You 
>can join the   group at: 
>(Mark, WB9QZB) + Copenhagen Suborbital, a group 
>of amateur rocketeers successfully   launched 
>the world's first amateur-built rocket made for 
>human space   travel. Two videos of the launch 
>can be found at: 
>+ Send an audio report of your SumbandilaSat 
>contact and you may be one   of 3 lucky winners 
>drawn to receive a first day postal cover of 
>the   SumbandilaSat. Closing date is 30 June 
>2011. E-Mail to:   saamsat at intekom.co.za 
>(http://www.amsatsa.org.za/) + Martha at AMSAT 
>Headquarters says she now has 7 Elk Antennas in 
>stock.   The cost is $125 plus shipping. She 
>also has the bag which is $25. If   you are 
>interested, please call the AMSAT Office at 
>301-589-6062. A   portion of your purchase price 
>benefits AMSAT. + Andy, VK3ASI hopes to operate 
>the FM satellites Oscar 50 and 51 
>from   Spitsbergen next week. Some of the 
>operation may be maritime mobile. + The Central 
>States VHF Conference will convene in Irving, TX 
>on   July 29 - 30. Most attendees traveling from 
>a good distance will   arrive on July 28th and 
>checkout on July 31st. Information will 
>be   posted at: http://www.csvhfs.org/ [ANS 
>thanks everyone for the above information] /EX 
>SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-163.07 Reminder-2011 AMSAT 
>Field Day Competition AMSAT News Service 
>Bulletin 163.07 > From AMSAT HQ SILVER SPRING, 
>MD. June 12, 2011 To All RADIO AMATEURS BID: 
>$ANS-163.07 Field Day is June 25 & 26. Annual 
>readiness excersize is a great way to demo 
>Satellite Operations. AMSAT Director of Awards, 
>Bruce Paige, KK5DO says, "It's that time of year 
>again: Summer and Field Day!" Each year the 
>American Radio Relay League (ARRL) sponsors 
>Field Day as an emergency preparedness exercise. 
>The event takes place during a 24-hour period on 
>the fourth weekend of June. For 2011 the event 
>takes place during a 27-hour period from 1800 
>UTC on Saturday June 25, 2011 through 2100 UTC 
>on Sunday June 26, 2011. Those who set up prior 
>to 1800 UTC on June 25 can operate only 24 
>hours. The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation 
>(AMSAT) promotes its own version of Field Day 
>for operation via the amateur satellites, held 
>concurrently with the ARRL event. Bruce advises, 
>"If you are considering ONLY the FM voice 
>satellites like AMRAD-OSCAR-27, 
>SaudiSat-Oscar-50, or AMSAT-OSCAR-51 for your 
>AMSAT Field Day focus. Don't, unless you are 
>simply hoping to make one contact for the ARRL 
>rules bonus points." The congestion on FM LEO 
>satellites was so intense in prior years that we 
>must continue to limit their use to 
>one-QSO-per-FM-satellite. This includes the 
>International Space Station. You will be allowed 
>one QSO if the ISS is operating Voice. You will 
>also be allowed one digital QSO with the ISS or 
>any other digital, non- store-and-forward, 
>packet satellite (if operational). Please refer 
>to these links for the full document of the 
>AMSAT Field Day rules: http://www.amsat.org/ 
>(link on AMSAT.org front page to PDF file) And, 
>an alternative site is: 
>http://www.amsatnet.com/2011fd.doc (MS-Word Doc 
>File) http://www.amsatnet.com/2011fd.pdf (PDF 
>File) These documents also cover the message 
>exchange format, scoring requirements, reporting 
>requirements, station classes, etc. [ANS thanks 
>AMSAT Director of Awards, Bruce Paige, KK5DO for 
>the above information] /EX SB SAT @ AMSAT 
>$ANS-163.08 ARISS Report AMSAT News Service 
>Bulletin 163.08 > From AMSAT HQ SILVER SPRING, 
>MD. June 12, 2011 To All RADIO AMATEURS BID: 
>$ANS-163.08 Amateur Radio on the International 
>Space Station (ARISS) Status Report June 6, 2011 
>1.     Amateur Radio Newsline on ARISS On June 
>3, the Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1764 
>included a story on the new ARISS proposal 
>process for U.S. schools. “Ham Radio in Space: 
>New US Only Selection Process Announced for 
>ARISS Contacts” may be found at: 
>ftp://ftp.arnewsline.org/quincy/News/news.txt 2. 
>Astronaut Training Status An ARISS simulated 
>contact is planned with Kevin Ford, KF5GPP on 
>June 13. Ford is scheduled to fly with 
>Expedition 33 in September 2012. Don Pettit, 
>KD5MDT and André Kuipers, PI9ISS are scheduled 
>for an ARISS preflight session on June 22. The 
>two astronauts are part of Expedition 30 which 
>will launch in November 2011. 3.  ARISS 
>Presentations at Ham-Com 2011 The American Radio 
>Relay League (ARRL) National Convention will be 
>held at the Ham-Com 2011 in Plano, Texas on 
>Friday and Saturday, June 10 - 11. Several ARISS 
>presentations will be given during the event: 
>ARISSat-1 a Satellite for STEM Education and Fun 
>Presented by Keith Pugh, W5IU Amateur Radio on 
>the International Space Station Presented by 
>Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO Introduction to Amateur 
>Radio Satellites Presented by Douglas Quagliana, 
>KA2UPW For more information, see: 
>http://www.hamcom.org [ANS thanks Carol Jackson, 
>KB3KLI, for the above information] /EX SB SAT @ 
>AMSAT $ANS-163.09 AMSAT Server Upgrade AMSAT 
>News Service Bulletin 163.09 > From AMSAT HQ 
>SILVER SPRING, MD. June 12, 2011 To All RADIO 
>AMATEURS BID: $ANS-163.09 AMSAT Server Upgrade 
>News AMSAT's network manager Paul Williamson, 
>KB5MU reminded users of the http://www.amsat.org 
>features and news that, "The AMSAT.ORG computer 
>has been upgraded and moved to a new location. 
>Although it still re- mains on the UCSD campus, 
>the new location required that a new IP ad- 
>dress be assigned. The transition should 
>theoretically be seamless, but some users may 
>have trouble until their network's DNS servers 
>take notice of the update." Unless your network 
>admin has done something unusual, any problems 
>should clear up by themselves within a few days 
>at most. Please report any ongoing problems to 
>Paul via kb5mu at amsat.org or paul at mustbeart.com 
>if the problem prevents email from getting 
>through to amsat.org. [ANS thanks Paul 
>Williamson, KB5MU for the above information] /EX 
>73, This week's ANS Editor, Dee Interdonato, 
>NB2F nb2f at amsat dot org nb2f at amsat dot org 
>Via the ANS mailing list courtesy of AMSAT-NA 

            73, Dave, WB6LLO
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