[amsat-bb] Re: Pass predictor on amsat.org

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 05:46:11 PDT 2011

The recent computer upgrade mentioned by Paul the other day probably explains it!


Mark N8MH

AMSAT.ORG Host updated


Subject: [amsat-bb] AMSAT.ORG Host updated 
From: Paul Williamson <kb5mu at xxxxxxxxx> 
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 09:57:45 -0700 


The AMSAT.ORG computer has been upgraded and moved to a new location (still on 
the UCSD campus). The new location required that a new IP address be assigned. 
The transition should theoretically be seamless, but some users may have 
trouble until their network's DNS servers take notice of the update.

Unless your network admin has done something unusual, any problems should clear 
up by themselves within a few days at most.

Please report any ongoing problems to me (kb5mu at amsat.org or paul at mustbeart.com 
if the problem prevents email from getting through to amsat.org).

73  -Paul
kb5mu at amsat.org

At 04:18 AM 6/11/2011 -0700, you wrote:
>A huge "thank you" to whoever turbocharged the pass predictor on
>amsat.org's web site, which I depend on for pass information.
>Requesting the next 50 passes of a given sat used to take about 20
>seconds to process.  Now it returns in about one second!
>To the person(s) responsible for this upgrade: great job, and thank you!
>73 Doc KT3L
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