[amsat-bb] Re: SSB Operation on the Satellites

B J top_gun_canada at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 21:36:17 PDT 2011


> So for the operator with a single
> FT-817ND - understanding there will be a  
> learning curve in regards to doppler, doing the "Arrow
> wave" entertaining  
> and/or frightening the neighbors, is AO-7 do-able or just
> not a really  
> good idea?
> Won't be ticked off if the answer is "probably best not to
> try". Honest!  
> :) I'm guessing it'll take a lot of programming memory
> channels to stay on  
> track?


Last year, I tried using HO-68 on SSB with my FT-817ND and had mixed results.  Most of the time, other stations heard my signal but couldn't contact me because my downlink settings were too far off frequency.

A few months ago, I bought a second-hand '847 and I've been practicing on VO-52 and AO-7 during passes which are fairly quiet and I'm less likely to interfere with other stations.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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