[amsat-bb] Re: SSB Operation on the Satellites

John Becker w0jab at big-river.net
Thu Jun 9 11:32:05 PDT 2011

At 01:01 PM 6/9/2011, you wrote:

>Actually, if stations would spread out a bit more on the transponders,
>this would be even less of an issue.  
>There is so much space that goes
>to waste on these transponders, when everyone seems to never go
>more than a few kHz up or down from the center.  


I'm a very big on computer control.
It seems that once you find a "free" spot it's yours.
That is till someone chasing someone else crosses
your QSO.

I really fail to see how someone with a pair of H/T's 
tuning and tuning and tuning can call that fun.

I'll stick with my FT847 and computer control.

John, W0JAB

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