[amsat-bb] ISS Qsl

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Tue Jun 7 03:59:48 PDT 2011

Hi Group,
Does anyone here know the ISS QSL card requirements for digipeating through RS0ISS-4?
Obviously it is possible to get a QSL card from the other amateur radio station on the ground, with whom you have a 2 way packet QSO in a pass.
Is there any way to get an ISS QSL card itself, other than by having a two way voice contact with the ISS crew? Not a SWL card for receiving only. 
I know the ISS fanclub produce a certificate for digipeating through the ISS, but want to find out if ARISS itself does anything similar that doesn't involve leaving a message on the BBS?
All the best
Philip G0ISW
I second this question...

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