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Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 09:28:30 PDT 2011

Yes---I sent Hector a postcard straight to his address---took about a week, maybe less, and arrived just fine.  Others are seeing the same results--direct mail!


Mark N8MH 

At 11:52 AM 6/5/2011 -0400, k8kfj at aol.com wrote:
>Are you saying that mail to Cuba can now be sent direct?
>No longer do we have to use the mail route via Spain???
>I've been out of the loop for quite sometime regarding
>mail to Cuba .. sorry.
>73, Gary  -K8KFJ-
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>$0.98 for international postage. Send direct.
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>Rick Tejera
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>On Jun 5, 2011, at 3:59, "Mark L. Hammond" <marklhammond at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If you got his card, all you have to do is mail it to his address on the card.  
>I forget what postage is...it took a couple stamps (I googled it).
>> Mark N8MH
>> At 03:35 AM 6/5/2011 -0700, Kevin Deane wrote:
>>> How do I send a card to Hector again? We cant mail in or him out or what, I 
>got one from him, cant remember what the deal was?
>>> Kevin
>>> KF7MYK                                    

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