[amsat-bb] Using LVB tracker with Yaesu G-450A & G-500A rotators??

Ian - K8MM ihk8mm at charter.net
Sat Jun 4 14:05:36 PDT 2011

Hello everyone

Is anyone using a LVB tracker interface with a Yaesu G-450A Az and 
G-500A elev rotators? I know I have to pick up 12V somewhere in one of 
the control boxes to run the LVB interface. I know that I have to 
install some relays between the LVB interface and the control boxes that 
will do the heavy current switching for the motors. My question is how 
did you pick up the ground for the position pots when there are two 
different control boxes. I wondering if there could be a problem tying 
the position pot reference grounds in both boxes together?

I haven't really been on the birds much after I went to FP back in 2005 
and activated GN17. I had to disassemble the station to take it there 
and then we moved 5 months later, since then my satellite station has 
been mothballed.

Ian - K8MM

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