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You can always take off that face plate - copy the scale  (Scan it) and
create your own cover for it.  You can set up the rotor the same way as the
old one with north in the middle and use it the same way as the old one.  I
have done that with many rotors to get the orientation the way "I" wanted
it.  Many rotors have the extra 90degrees to cover a pass but it is not
Good luck with it..
Dee, NB2F 

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Hi folks,
i owned since 1990 the Rotator G-5400B together with the Trakbox.
As I have problem with it and as have renewed my antennas, I decided to
change the Also the rotator and have bought the Yaesu G-5500.
Today I received and set it up to see if it works perfectly before I install
it On the roof.
I saw a difference between the old and the new control box, in fact the
azimuth display of the old one Shows starting from left to right the
following scale:

180 - 225 - 270 - 315 - 0 - 45 - 90 - 135 - 180
 S                   W                N             E                  S

While the new one shows starting from left to right the following scale:

0 - 90- 180 - 270 - 360 - 90 
N    E      S       W       N       E

Do not know why these difference and sounds so strange to me as I have used
For a long time the old one.

Continuing with my settings, I have plugged the cable from the new Control
box and the Trakbox and as I have as parking 270°, I saw the azimuth needle
going to the left and it stops on About 90° E. The needle seem to be on the
right position but not on the right side.
At this time I'm a bit confused.
Anybody can help me to get out of this confusion?
Thanks in advance

73 de Enzo IK8OZV
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