[amsat-bb] Rotator Yaesu G-5500 and Trakbox

Vincenzo Mone vimone at alice.it
Sat Jun 4 06:02:36 PDT 2011

Hi folks,
i owned since 1990 the Rotator G-5400B together with the Trakbox.
As I have problem with it and as have renewed my antennas, I decided to
change the
Also the rotator and have bought the Yaesu G-5500.
Today I received and set it up to see if it works perfectly before I install
On the roof.
I saw a difference between the old and the new control box, in fact the
azimuth display of the old one
Shows starting from left to right the following scale:

180 - 225 - 270 - 315 - 0 - 45 - 90 - 135 - 180
 S                   W                N             E                  S

While the new one shows starting from left to right the following scale:

0 - 90- 180 - 270 - 360 - 90 
N    E      S       W       N       E

Do not know why these difference and sounds so strange to me as I have used
For a long time the old one.

Continuing with my settings, I have plugged the cable from the new Control
box and the
Trakbox and as I have as parking 270°, I saw the azimuth needle going to the
left and it stops on 
About 90° E. The needle seem to be on the right position but not on the
right side.
At this time I'm a bit confused.
Anybody can help me to get out of this confusion?
Thanks in advance

73 de Enzo IK8OZV
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WinBollet BetaTester
D.C.I. CheckPoint Regione Campania
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