[amsat-bb] AO-51 coming out of eclipse over Hawaii

Rich Gillin rich at gillin.us
Fri Jun 3 12:59:10 PDT 2011

Hi Robert,

KL7AA has a new ground station which is "parking lot mobile". We deploy it 
occasionally and will mount it on the roof hopefully this summer.

Ops N6SPP, N6PG and myself AL4S are available to qso either on the ground 
station or by arrow or elk handhelds.

Looking forward to a KH6-KL7 sat-qso in the future. There is a link on my 
qrz.com webpage with a short movie on my first qso on the KL7AA ground station 
(Courtesy N6PG).


Rich Gillin - AL4S
skype: rich.gillin


Unless  someone has set up a strange repeater there is absolutely
no doubt AO51 was alive and well as she came out of eclipse moments ago.
I was able to hear myself perfectly on the downlink (145.880 up and
435.150 down). Unfortunately, the footprint from here only touched the
west coast. Had an Alaska station been on, I am sure there would have
been a QSO. The signal was strong the entire pass.
(Could I be missing something?).

robert, NH7WN
Honolulu, HI

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