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Davidoff, Martin R. MDAVIDOFF at ccbcmd.edu
Fri Jun 3 11:57:14 PDT 2011

To: AMSAT membership
De: Martin Davidoff, K2UBC
Re: Equipment & Literature Disposal 
Prepared: June 3, 2011

	The literature and equipment listed below is mostly free to individuals and/or groups involved in OSCAR development and OSCAR support activities.   In some cases a contribution direct to AMSAT-NA may be appropriate.  Most equipment with all accessories and original manuals.  Pickup must be arranged!   Cataloging this material is a big job.  Please bear with me as I issue updates over next several weeks and respond directly -- do NOT clutter AMSAT BB.

Please Note Organization

			General Amateur Radio
		Conference Proceedings (not yet available)
		Texts (not yet available)

Contact Information
      Martin Davidoff (k2ubc since 1956)	
      Land Line: 410-869-9077 (4:00 - 9:30 EDT Please!)
      E-mail: mdavidoff at ccbcmd.edu

	Note to those who know me personally --  I’m in good health, just moving and downsizing and I’d like to see this “stuff” get into hands of someone who’ll appreciate it and/or where appropriate preserve it.  Anyone who has moved 50+ years of QST several times will understand.




      			AMSAT Newletter
	 			Oct. 1969 - Dec. 1979  (most issues)

			Orbit (AMSAT)  (complete run)
				#1  March 1980   to  #19  Nov/Dec 1984

      			AMSAT Satellite Report
				#1  Feb 23, 1981   to   #360  March 15, 1997
					missing #’s: 97, 139, 147, 194-206, 254

			Satellite Journal (AMSAT)
				#1  Jan/Feb 1985   to   #7  Jan/Feb 1986
					missing # 6

			The AMSAT Journal
				#1  May 1989   to   March/April 2011
					missing Vol. 31, #2, March/April 2008

			Satellite Operator (Myers Communications)
				#1  Oct 1990 - #67  July 1996
					Missing #15 Dec 1991


		General Amateur Radio 

				1998 - 2009 (bi-monthly)
					missing Nov/Dec 2004
				March 1992 - Dec 1997 (monthly) complete

			Lunar Letter (EME)
				July 1982 - Jan 1984  (14 issues)

			Weather Satellite Report (Myers Communications)  (9 issues)
				Jan - May 1992, #1 - #5
				April 1995 - August 1996, #16 - #19

			Journal of the Environmental Satellite Amateur Users Group
				(Dallas Remote Imaging Group)   (7 issues)
				April 1990 - 1992 (7 issues)

			VHF/UHF and Above
				Vol. 1, #1 May 1984 - Vol. 3, May 1986 complete

		   	QST  1955 - date (Most years complete)

      			Ham Radio Magazine (Jim Fisk) Complete Run!

	Conference Proceedings (not yet available)
	Texts (not yet available)


     OSCAR Operations

	ICOM IC-211 (2m) Master oscillator problem
	Multi 2000 (2 m ssb) intermittent in rx IF board
	EICO 6n2, 6 and 2m cw, xtal control (2 xtals for 2 m OSCAR uplink), tube unit
	Radio Shack scanner Rx (only used by little old
		 grandmother to monitor MIR downlink)

  	Bird Watmeter and slugs
	Rotator and cables (never used)  CDE Ham III
        National NC 240-D Rx (~1948, working but much modified)
        Several ARC-5 WW2 Rx’s (working) including 100-500kHz unit
        Heathkit bench Power Supply (New, kit never built)	
	Knight Kit HF transmitter ~ 1958 with homebrew w2ym vfo
	Progline 2m FM commercial (old, full documentation and cables)
        GE Master 2m FM commercial (old, full documentation and cables)
	Large supply parts, tubes, homebrew gear
	Coax Cable. Several nearly new RG-8 and RG-58 30-50ft runs with connectors.

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