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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply - that helps me get a better understanding of how it 
works.  I have never entered the propagation mode into HRD, so I would have 
to manually go through and update each entry (329 since Oct. 24), so I think 
I am going to update and upload only my portable operation QSOs DATED AFTER 
Oct. 24 (when I started using HRD instead of paper).  This would encompass 
the EN80/EM89 operation on Oct. 30, EN70vb operation on Nov. 30, EN90/EM99 
operation on Dec. 17, 2010 and again on Jan. 29, 2011.  If someone needs my 
home grid (EN80) confirmed via LoTW, send me an email off list and I will 
update the propagation mode and upload that as well.  I just can't see 
spending all of that time to make a change to all of those entries.  From 
now on I will enter "satellite" as the propagation mode, and then I will 
upload both portable and non-portable QSOs.  I did read in the instructions 
about how you could cut and paste the changed in the ADIF file, but after 
trying that it would take just as long to make the changes in HRD.



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The ARRL does a nice job of spelling out the parameters here:

The band that matters ( according to the ARRL ) is the band you transmit on, 
not the band you receive on.

Here is the data you need to log the contact and have it count in LOTW

<CALL:6> [The Station You Worked]
<TIME_ON:6> [HHMMSS] in utc
<BAND:4> [The band you transmitted on]
<MODE:3> [SSB, CW, FM, etc.]
<SAT_NAME:4> [The bird you used]

Please note it is VERY unforgiving as far as entries go. Things must be 
spelled correctly!  The [] above should not be included.  I have yet to hear 
the exact allowable clock difference, but I'm sure it is several minutes at 

Joe kk0sd

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Hi All,

I am trying to get myself going on LoTW, and I need to know what the 
generally excepted parameters are for QSO information.

1) In my logbook (HRD), what should I put for the freq. (2m, 440)?

2) What happens if my log entry is one minute off of stations B’s entry 
(1906z versus 1905z) – will they match up?

3) What should my mode be set at (FM, SAT)?

4) Other than date, time, call, mode, sent RST, rcvd RST, band and name (op 
name), is there anything that needs to be added to it when I go to upload? 
This was the default LoTW selection for HRD, so I am assuming it is correct.

I can’t think of any other questions at the moment, but any other helpful 
tips for getting it started would be appreciated.


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