[amsat-bb] So I am not the only one...

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Thu Jan 27 11:56:51 PST 2011

         I agree 100%. I am still pretty new at this, I also have trouble finding up to date sites. So a friend of mine let me have like half of this site and I get to put whatever I want on it, and he does practically all the work! all I have to do is keep it updated. Easy right?
         So if anyone has information they would like to contribute please e-mail me or post it on the forum @ nvllrc.org, theres just an article I wrote and a bunch of relevent links at the bottom so far. I have lots of time to keep it up to date and will put whatever you guys want on there!!! I put that AO-51 pdf on there. 
      Anyway, if you guys arent against the new and young guys. I am trying to make it so people dont make the same mistakes I did, like cloggin up the passes with calls when I had no ears. Stuff like that. You know the way you guys want it done not just guesswork and trial and error. So not that anyone will do it but at least there will be one site with usefull info and you dont half to go through old posts, or ask for new post and whatever please help!!
Still excited,

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