[amsat-bb] Now that LOTW has caught up with my uploads...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Thu Jan 27 07:56:07 PST 2011


It looks like LOTW took about 5 minutes or so after I shut down 
last night to get the rest of my uploads processed.  The numbers
now stand at 9911 QSO records, with 1332 QSLs (13.4% confirmation 
rate).  I also had to adjust the ruleset for my VUCC "account" based
on activity in and around Phoenix, since it was picking up at least
a couple of QSOs I know would be outside the 200km limit in the VUCC 
rules.  I'm now at 87 grids confirmed for my Phoenix-area activity, 
based on LOTW QSLs.  Not enough for a VUCC application solely on LOTW
QSLs, but not bad considering VUCC just became an option through LOTW.  

I spent almost as much time last night getting the last 2100 QSOs
uploaded as I did the other evening working on the larger part of
my log, since I had more station locations to define.  I made 60
uploads in total last night.  Some of those locations only had a 
handful of QSOs, and a couple had exactly one QSO.  I had to redo
a couple of uploads, since I fat-fingered the grids for a couple 
of the station locations (locations at 4-grid intersections - ones
that really need to be done carefully). I also found that I had to 
upload some QSO records again, so I could have a station's call with 
"/P" after it.  I expect this will probably be the main reason I won't 
see some QSLs; not having the appropriate indicator added to a 
station's call.  This is not a big deal, as I can make a new QSO 
record and quickly go through the process to upload the additional 
record.  If you think there should be QSLs with any of my calls that 
you are not seeing, please e-mail me directly so we can take a look at
specific instances. 

Once SO-67 is supported by LOTW, I can upload those QSOs.  Then my 
complete satellite log will be there.  I will upload my future satellite 
activity to LOTW periodically, and hope to go through my logs to get 6m 
activity and possibly other contest logs I have in electronic form up 
there.  And, soon, save enough pesos to make my initial satellite VUCC 
application, plus a lunch for my friendly card checker as he goes through 
all of those cards.  :-) 



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