[amsat-bb] Re: W6RO QSL & VUCC

John Papay john at papays.com
Wed Jan 26 22:43:08 PST 2011


Here's the VUCC rule on the grid square:

7(b) For the convenience of the Awards Manager in checking cards, 
applicants may indicate in pencil (pencil ONLY) the
grid locator on the address side of the cards that DO NOT clearly 
indicate the grid locator. The applicant affirms that
he/she has accurately determined the proper location from the address 
information given on the card by signing the
affirmation statement on the application.

For more proof, you can simply use qrz.com.  In the case of W6RO, it 
does not show the actual
location of the ship but you can do so by using the google map for 
grids and find the ship on the
satellite view.  This will spot the lat/long and translate into a 
grid square.  You only have to certify
that you have determined the correct grid square; you don't have to 
prove it to the card checker.

It's always good to go right to the rules when there is any 
question.   Don't assume that the card
checker always knows them.  You will find that you will get other 
cards over time that don't have
the grid square on them.  Simply determine what the grid square is 
and follow the rule above.
It's always a good idea to print out the VUCC rules and take a copy 
with you when you get your
cards checked.

John K8YSE 

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