[amsat-bb] W6RO QSL & VUCC

Jeff Yanko wb3jfs at cox.net
Wed Jan 26 20:55:08 PST 2011

Hi all,

After making my submission to VUCC Satellite, yes it was still "a go" to get 
this award after the surprise fees were implemented.  I was told by the 
local card checker that the W6RO, Queen Mary, QSL was not valid due to the 
fact that the grid, DM03, was not to be found anywhere on the card.  After 
looking over the card myself again, he was correct.  It had all of the QSO 
data and the information about the Queen mary but the DM03 grid was no where 
to be found.

Not sure if anybody else had this problem with their checker, etc. but my 
card checker caught it very well.  I never thought to look for the grid 
since most cards have them on it.  So if you have a W6RO waiting to be 
submitted and it doesn't have the grid printed on it from the person filling 
out the QSL, don't bother sending it in, it will be considered invalid.

Upon learning about this from my card checker, I dropped the organization 
who operates and maintains the W6RO station and told them the situation. 
Hopefully, they will include the grid square on their cards in the future. 
DM03 is not exactly an easy one to work since most of it is in water.


Jeff  WB3JFS


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