[amsat-bb] FW: 2 ht vs. 1-duplex ht

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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] 2 ht vs. 1-duplex ht
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:01:37 -0800

Hello I too am recently addicted,
I dont know exactly what you are using, I do not have a duplex rig, and am reluctant to get one considering all the controversy, and real full duplex and so on. I do know that ANY dual band antenna and ANY dual band and duplex whatever you are compromising. Try and cram everything in one rig and one antenna one coax.... It is just not as good as 2 seperate stations period. Unless you are gonna spend all kinds of money on one of those dream radios, you know?
I wrote an article on my attemps and failures starting out with the sats, >>> nvllrc.org <<< FM Satellites section. A friend of mine made a little web site recently and let me put sat stuff on there. It is brand new so dont expect much, but I put all the usefull info I had at the end of the story, I will be adding a bunch of stuff this week that I found. What we use is in there, I think we spoiled ourselves with fairly good equip to start out. It is definately not great but works really well.
So anyway, just thought I would give you my 2 cents. I find it really nice to have a totally different radio, ant, coax, for the receive, I can hear all the birds clear as day! But we need another SSB rig to work the big boy sats, I am dying to do that!
I will be on this weekend, I didnt get your call so I dont know how far you are but I would love to try a pre aranged contact??? 
New Guy
> Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:19:40 -0800
> From: qstick333 at yahoo.com
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] 2 ht vs. 1-duplex ht
> Good afternoon all - 
> As I am officially hooked after my first week of operating the satellites, I am trying to gain a bit better operating setup.  I love the arrow and tripod that I am using and find the Yaesu FT60 to be perfectly suitable.  I am thinking that operating duplex would be a big help so that I will know if I am making it into the hectic afternoon passes of AO51.  I'm not thrilled with having extra stuff to lug in and out, front yard and back etc... but I want to do what's best for making contacts.  
> Is there a group consensus of whether 1 HT that is true duplex or running two HT's is a better formula?  I's love to hear your thoughts,
> Zach
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