[amsat-bb] 2 ht vs. 1-duplex ht

zach hillerson qstick333 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 26 12:19:40 PST 2011

Good afternoon all - 

As I am officially hooked after my first week of operating the satellites, I am trying to gain a bit better operating setup.  I love the arrow and tripod that I am using and find the Yaesu FT60 to be perfectly suitable.  I am thinking that operating duplex would be a big help so that I will know if I am making it into the hectic afternoon passes of AO51.  I'm not thrilled with having extra stuff to lug in and out, front yard and back etc... but I want to do what's best for making contacts.  

Is there a group consensus of whether 1 HT that is true duplex or running two HT's is a better formula?  I's love to hear your thoughts,



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