[amsat-bb] HO-68 Pass Heard

Giacobbe Lauser 23tauri at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 20:51:55 PST 2011

I thought I would give a listen for the HO-68 beacon this evening, and
even though I don't have CW on the FT-60R, I knew that you could
listen low and hear a bit of the signal on the FM side bleeding

Sure enough, I heard a weak, high-pitch CW identifier repeating itself
waaaay down in the noise about S1 on 435.775 mHz at 0437 UTC.

I caught "J1SA" pretty clearly with several pauses thrown in afterward
before the repeat, confirming later that the call is B"J1SA"-11.

Pretty cool!

- Jake, K3UAZ
Martinez, CA

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