[amsat-bb] Vucc and other $

Ellis Foley wa1rks at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 05:22:55 PST 2011

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I have been a league member since 1972,and am on the verge of not being that.I see no justification for the monies that have been passed on to the members on a lot of things. I dub it poor management on their part.We seem to be getting less and less provided for us. Things that used to be free. I do all the awards, collect cards for all of them. For my own satisfaction. I will not pay those exorbitant fees ! Fixed incomes don't allow for such extravaganza's and I think it hurts all way round. As far as previous explanations,? you can put lipstick and a dress on a pig, its still a pig! My 2 cents worth.


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