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Donn wa2voi at mninter.net
Mon Jan 24 20:47:08 PST 2011

Its not.
                                         PAPER           LoTW
Application Fee                $7                    $5
Per QSO fee                     $0.20               $0.16
Certificate+postage         $12                  $12
Sticker+postage               $1                    $1
Pin+postage                     $7                    $7

Ex: 6m VUCC certificate w/100 grids
                                           $39                  $33

BEFORE LoTW, the cost was $10 (Certificate + Pin)
and any endorsement was $10 (Sticker)
PLUS the cost of QSL-ing, of course.

You decide.

Also, remember that someone who wouldn't QSL even w/SASE or, in some cases
with a card they simply had to sign and drop in the mail box, may not upload to
LoTW either.

73 Donn

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> John
> I don't think setting up and maintaining the VUCC awards on LOTW is free. That
> would be like asking for a 8 lane freeway and never paying taxes.. unless it a
> toll road ..Mark

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