[amsat-bb] Re: reply from arrl on new vucc fees

Bob Herrell aj5c at cox.net
Mon Jan 24 19:06:57 PST 2011

 From what I read from Bill Moore's post, the ARRL has got their last 
penny out of me. Charging per QSO is absurd, especially if you have 
already had your cards checked by a ARRL Card Checker.

_Eg: If someone has a first time ever Satellite VUCC with 250 QSOs the 
fees would
$7.00 for the application
$50.00 for 250 QSOs @ $0.20 each
$12.00 for the certificate
$1.00 for paperwork/sticker return
His total would be $70.00_

I find that totally unacceptable. Yes, I know awards are getting 
expensive, but I think the ARRL is getting a bit GREEDY.

I think I will continue working for the AMSAT Awards and forget about 
the rest. I agree, AMSAT needs to have an AMSAT WAS and AMSAT VUCC 
Award. My ARRL Satellite VUCC came with the word "Satellite" typed on 
the certificate. Whatever happened to the term "OSCAR WAS" or "OSCAR VUCC"?

Sorry to rant, but I am getting feed up with the antics of the ARRL. And 
yes, I am a member. It's time to let your ARRL Leadership know your 


Bob Herrell AJ5C

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