[amsat-bb] TubeSats: a victory?

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Jan 24 16:57:56 PST 2011

Well, it appears that someone got through to Interorbital Systems:  as of 
today, they are no longer including a transceiver in the TubeSat kit, the 
TubeSat web page clearly states that licensing is required, and "for 
information about commercial operations from space", directs viewers to 
contact the FCC. (They're still a little technically borderline on some of 
their info, but WAY better than claiming that they're license-free!)

They even include a link to the IARU Amateur Satellite Specification 
document (under "information about obtaining the required amateur radio 
frequency allocation").

Interestingly, the price hasn't changed...

George, KA3HSW 

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