[amsat-bb] reply from arrl on new vucc fees

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Mon Jan 24 16:25:42 PST 2011

okay, here is what bill moore, nc1l, the head guy for the arrl awards has to say 
about the new structure for the awards. note at the bottom, if you are 
submitting your first ever award with 50 lotw and 50 cards, you must submit two 
separate applications and two separate fees. 

this is self explanatory (don't shoot the messenger). 


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Hi Bruce:
Here is how the new fees work:
First, for VUCC there is no Hybrid application like there is for DXCC and WAS.
For paper applications:
$7.00 application fee
Each QSO is $0.20
$1.00 postage 
$12.00 for each certificate
LoTW Applications:
$5.00 application fee
Each QSO in LoTW is $0.16
$1.00 for paperwork postage
$12.00 for each certificate
Eg: If someone has a first time ever Satellite VUCC with 250 QSOs the fees would 
$7.00 for the application
$50.00 for 250 QSOs @ $0.20 each
$12.00 for the certificate
$1.00 for paperwork/sticker return
His total would be $70.00
If he has LoTW and Paper both categories would apply above since we do not have 
hybrids anymore.
Basically, the application fee went down and other fees were adjusted.
If someone needs 100 for a first time ever and they have 50 LoTW and 50 paper, 
they would do each application, separately, and the fees for each application 
apply as noted above.
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