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Crownhaven crownhaven at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 24 13:09:18 PST 2011

I couldn't agree more with Tim.  It is easier to get a card out of 
Bhutan than it is from some of these VHF ops that operate on a regular 
basis.  I would love to print the list of calls that I have here that 
will just not respond to an SASE.  I won't because I'm typically 
castigated whenever I bring the issue up.  I realize this is a hobby as 
the defenders of the non-QSLers love to point out but replying to a card 
is part of that hobby.  Or used to be.  At least post prominently 
wherever your call is displayed that you won't QSL.  Or something.

Steve, N4JQQ, EM55

On 1/24/2011 1:36 PM, Tim Marek wrote:
> John and the rest of you LOTW doubters...
> The costs to use LOTW for VUCC, DXCC, or WAS contact credits IS 
> NOTHING compared to the time, effort and money needed to collect cards 
> the old fashioned way!  At near a buck a card domestically (Over 2$ 
> Internationally) for the stamps to send them and as well as a SASE for 
> their return.... all the waiting.... Lost or stolen mail, People who 
> NEVER reply, followed by dealing with the cards after their collected, 
> the hand sorting and filling in paper forms... what a royal pain and 
> more importantly... a very inneficient way to do things...
> With the new LOTW system, you simply upload your logs, wait for them 
> to cross confirm with other uploaded logs, spend less than 20 cents 
> per QSO to INSTANTLY use those QSL credits for awards, with little 
> muss or fuss...
> I really dont see what the problems is.... Its faster, safer, cheaper, 
> and your log data is backed up forever.... Talk about a lasting legacy 
> of your efforts!
> Compared to the OLD FASHIONED way of handling the laborious chore of 
> QSLing, LOTW is a God send saving me much time, money, and alot of 
> hand writing that I truly hate. (Try living in a rare state and you 
> will understand)
> As one who has personally activated 57 grids at one time or another 
> (Alot of them RARE), there is now a incentive to sort out and upload 
> all those logs from the past 20 years. Not only will it help others 
> who need those rare grids (CM86, CM95, CM96, CN90, CN91, CN92, DN00, 
> DN10, DN11, DN20, DM07, DM17, DM18, DM19, DM27, DM28, and DM29 just to 
> name a few) but... I can now file for additional 6M VUCC's from 
> several of those grids as they were June Contest efforts from tall 
> mountains with large antennas and KW power where more than 100 Grids 
> was easily accomplished...
> Think about it... "Nothing Is Free"... the prices they ask are 
> reasonable, and once uploaded who better to back up your logs than 
> those whom you apply to for the awards!
> Personally, I dont understant why everyone isn't getting setup right 
> now to dump their logs online to (at the very least protect those rare 
> and precious contacts from being lost forever) and collect those 
> contact credits w/o lifting a pen to paper or licking a single stamp...
> 73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm.... sk
> PS: I have been pushing LOTW for years to make this happen. Its not 
> perfect, but compared to the old ways, its a VAST IMPROVEMENT!
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>> I WAS going to get an endorsement for my satellite and six meter 
>> VUCCs, but given that it would cost me around 35 dollars each to get 
>> an endorsement for an extra 150 grids, I don't think so. Hope this 
>> new insane fee schedule doesn't kill VUCC submissions.  I think AMSAT 
>> awards will be getting much more popular. 73s John AA5JG
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>>> Nice explanation of the costs for VUCC in the Jeff Yanko blog. 
>>> However, I did not see what happens with LOTW submisions.
>>> If the cost of awards keep going up, maybe the ARRL should offer 
>>> award insurance as well as equipment insurance.  Just a thought.  :>)
>>> Merle, AA4QE
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