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Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 23 16:08:10 PST 2011


on the "cheap" antenna front I've tried and had pretty good success with two things.

First there is a 5 element Yagi design that was published in QST that uses/modifies an Archer 5 element FM yagi.  I built one and added some 70 cm elements 90 out of phase and thats worked great.  My home QTH is in a bit of flux (we are moving to a farm out by Santa Fe Tx from my home QTH in Clear Lake TX) so I built another one, put them both on a boom 90 degrees out in an X configuration, stuck them at 33 degrees and they work well.  I will keep them once we move into the perm QTH.

I've also used the crossed dipoles and Lindenblad antenna from QST (not the AMSAT one) and they work great.  I modified one for WX satellite reception and am very happy with them.

I am in Nigeria now and have a modified Lindenblad for my WX station here but its copied really well most of the two meter Oscars including AO-7.   I didnt have Nigerian operating authority when I left the states (but now have a five year license) so I didnt bring any transmit equipment...but from the roof of the Sheraton in Abuja the WX version works great.  I've got permission to set up permanent antennas on the Sheraton and I will be back so am going to have some good operating here.

I would upload pictures, but I tried to upload some of the really big HF array on the road to the airport and they never showed up...if you want some pictures of what I have at home I will be happy to send them to you.  IN about two weeks!

Robert G. Oler WB5MZO Life member Amsat/ARRL

> Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 12:47:10 -0500
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> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Antenna Observations/Question
> I've been on the birds off an on for years. I have an M2 cir. polarized pair
> at home QTH and am looking into a more modest installation for a summer
> cottage. I've built the K5OE eggbeater imitations and founds them to be only
> fair.I could by M2 eggbeater pair but I'm trying to do this on less $. I
> also have an Arrow antenna which I've tried some with a HT with only fair
> results. Any other suggestions out there? Mount the Arrow more permanently
> but at a fixed elevation and use a simple rotor to change azimuth? How about
> a homebrewed quagi? Any suggestions appreciated.
> Rick
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