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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
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Hi Rick, I too tried the eggbeaters  and found them worthless. Also tried a
commercial made quadrifilar rx from antenna.us. then...

In the ARRL Satellite Handbook found the Moxon turnstile for the LEOs. Being
a fan of Moxons, I have built both the tx and rx and am quite please with
performance over the past antennas. Built all from pvc and brass tubing from
the hobby shop. You should be able to build both for less than _+ $25.00 and
your junk box.

The article is on the ARRL site or maybe search internet (Moxon turnstile

I think this will fill your requirements


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I've been on the birds off an on for years. I have an M2 cir. polarized pair
at home QTH and am looking into a more modest installation for a summer
cottage. I've built the K5OE eggbeater imitations and founds them to be only
fair.I could by M2 eggbeater pair but I'm trying to do this on less $. I
also have an Arrow antenna which I've tried some with a HT with only fair
results. Any other suggestions out there? Mount the Arrow more permanently
but at a fixed elevation and use a simple rotor to change azimuth? How about
a homebrewed quagi? Any suggestions appreciated.

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