[amsat-bb] Remote Lan/Wan Rig Display

Stefano Simonetti iw1rdz at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 22 10:38:33 PST 2011

Hi to all,

I use my rig 5km far from its installation using a 2.4GHz wireless Lan "bridge".

I have two computers one in each location running Ham Radio Deluxe 

Audio is transferred via two voip lan phisycal phone, that direct calls each 
other or via a voip PBX (another small pc) on my lan.

Rotator is controlled via hrd rotator module that connects to a virtual serial 
port over the lan connected via a lan to serial converter to a homebrewed LVB 
tracker (remote site).

The aim would be to try to eliminate the computers to control the rig.

The remote rig is TS2000 and the things would be done if I would purchase the 
RC2000 display that connects to the serial port.

But I would like to investigate, before to try myself, if some one have ever 
deal with that, to make a rig controller via serial link (that is easy to bridge 
over the lan), using the built in protocol.

any idea?

73 de IW1RDZ-Steve


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