[amsat-bb] LVB Tracker

John Papay john at papays.com
Sat Jan 22 10:17:02 PST 2011

There have been a lot of great comments about the
LVB Tracker.  I will add one that hasn't been made.

I used the LVB Tracker, assembled by WB8CXO, on my
Satellite Grid Expedition around Lake Superior in
August 2010. It drove a G5400b rotor on a tripod
mounted in the bed of my F150.  The rotor which
supplies power to the LVB tracker through the DIN
plug in the rotor control box was powered by an
AC inverter.  That inverter was powered on/off
hundreds of times during the 5000 mile trek, on
paved and on dirt/gravel roads.  I had calibrated the
LVB Tracker before we left and I never had to re-calibrate
it during the entire trip.  It worked flawlessly under
the most demanding conditions.

You don't want to be fiddling with your equipment when you
are on an expedition.  There is enough going on that demands
your attention without having to make adjustments.  SatPC32
worked every time and the rotor never missed a beat.  A few
hundred operators have some pretty rare grids confirmed thanks
to these great products (and my XYL W8ZJB for letting me work
the birds during our 5 week vacation).

Both SatPC32 and the LVB Tracker are sold by AMSAT.  Buying
them helps AMSAT and gives the buyer bulletproof software and
hardware so you can concentrate on operating.  When you purchase
them it's a win-win situation.

73, John K8YSE

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