[amsat-bb] Re: TS-2000 Questions!

K5OE k5oe at aol.com
Sat Jan 22 05:39:51 PST 2011


>*I have received & have set up the Kenwood TS-200
>& have a little problem, the initials "TNC" on the
>digitial display indicatethe  the internal "TNC" is
>on \, & was wondering how dow I turn off the Internal "TNC"?

You determine whether you want the TNC "assigned" to the MAIN transceiver 
or the SUB receiver:  menu 46.  Then turn on/off packet function:  menu 55.  You
should see the PKT initials in the top right of the display.  MAIN is normal.

>Also, can listen to the Mt.B eacon "97" repeater,
>but can't get the offset to work!

Set repeater offset on:  menu 43 (no indication on the display).  Also,
don't forget to set a tone, if needed (TONE button & FUNC+TONE button).

>All help greatly apprieated!                 73,.Stu (WA2BSS)

In the future this will work by bluetooth and voice command, just like the Ford/Microsoft Sync in my truck
and all you will have to do is say to your TS-2020, "97 repeater" and it will know all the other settings :-)

Jerry, K5OE
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