[amsat-bb] Re: restating LOTW question *** HO-68?

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Jan 21 13:01:39 PST 2011

Hi Bill!

> And what about HO-68?  I also asked a year ago and got the same answer that
> Joe did.  But it still seems impossible to upload HO-68 QSOs to LOTW, comes
> back as "Invalid".

HO-68 works fine now.  I have a handful of HO-68 QSLs from my uploads
last night.  SO-67 may be the only satellite that isn't set up yet.  I have not
checked TQSL for that satellite, since I had no SO-67 QSOs from outside
the USA.  I had uploaded some QSOs through the ISS cross-band repeater
using "ARISS" as the satellite name from Mexico in 2009, but no matches
on those QSOs yet.  None of my satellite QSOs were rejected when I
uploaded them, but I have many more to do from my stateside log.

It sounds like you may need to download the latest TQSL configuration
file, and possibly update the TQSL program to the current version.  For
just the configuration file, log into the LOTW page, go to Your Account,
then Your Certificates for the configuration file.  You can get the current
version of the TQSL software from https://p1k.arrl.org/lotw without having
to log in.

Even though I still want to put together my initial satellite VUCC application,
I am now curious to see how many QSLs I can come up with from my
stateside log.  I'll probably get the rest of my satellite QSOs uploaded first,
and then go back to the VUCC paperwork.



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