[amsat-bb] Nanosail-D Sail Deploy Successful!

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Thu Jan 20 21:43:55 PST 2011

John - VE8EV said :
Received telemetry tonite that indicates a successful deploy of the sail.

NanoSailD.org 8C0F0000D32101010104008B740200004BD6C47ACFC0F9C3C4
NanoSailD.org 8C0F0000D32101010104008B74020000C3D6C47ACFC0F9C3C4

Information from twitter.com/NanoSailD :

RT: @NanoSailD: John @naeisel has done it!
I have two valid data seta and both have the correct signatures.

and then

RT: @NanoSailD: NanoSail-D has sent data that it deployed the sail.
Will wait until morning for ground based tracking to confirm.


Looks very promising John. What I understood from Dean earlier this evening is
that once the sail is deployed, there is a small S-Band Tx that will come on
for a few seconds out of every minute... Hopefully that will be detected soon
at one of the ground terminals for that final confirmation.

Maybe I should find out what that freq is... I only learned about this S-band
Tx tonite... Betcha there are some folks here that could hear that too ..!..

   Thanks  /;^)
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