[amsat-bb] restating LOTW question

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Thu Jan 20 20:20:43 PST 2011


Thanks to those who have responded to my post when I made my
first uploads to LOTW.  I had asked about what "mode" I should
use when uploading AO-16 QSOs, since that is a cross-mode 
satellite (that's how I worked it - FM up, SSB down).  I have
heard about what to set the BAND field, and N5JB's document
makes it pretty clear that you use the band you transmit on
for that field.  I am not uploading fields beyond the 7 
necessary to make a valid LOTW QSO record, so other fields
like FREQ and FREQ_RX don't matter.

My guess is that, if I follow the way the BAND field is 
handled for satellite QSOs in LOTW, I would use the mode I
transmitted with for the MODE field.  In the case of AO-16,
that would be FM.  N5JB's document mentions an additional
field BAND_RX that some may use.  I have not seen any mention
of a "MODE_RX" field, but I will go with "MODE" as the mode
from my transmitter unless I get some authoritative information
to the contrary.

I will proceed to uploading CJ7EWK QSOs from November 2008,
and try to get all of my July 2010 VA7EWK QSOs - including
those at the Canada/USA border - done tonight. Then the huge
task of the WD9EWK QSOs. 

By the way, is SO-67 still a no-go in LOTW?



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