[amsat-bb] Re: finding yourself in the passband of an analogsatellite

na2x@yahoo.com na2x at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 12:10:30 PST 2011

That is a nice tool, Mark.

I flipped the input/output ranges in my table in my response.
The table should look like this 

Uplink          Downlink
435.22 MHz      145.93 MHz
435.23 MHz      145.92 MHz
435.24 MHz      145.91 MHz
435.25 MHz      145.90 MHz
435.26 MHz      145.89 MHz
435.27 MHz      145.88 MHz
435.28 MHz      145.87 MHz

And, for the example, if I hear some one calling CQ on 145.890 Mhz, I should start at an uplink frequency of around 435.260 Mhz, etc..


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