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> Hello,
> I'm Marco, IZ5IOW. I'm searching a good and cheap solution to build an *
> elevation* system to set up an home satellite station. More specifically
> I'm looking suggestions for the mechanical part... The loading of the
> antenna is the follow: 15El UHF Yagi and 9 El VHF Yagi. The mechanical
>  part should not bear too much weight!
> Can anyone help me?
> Thank you all. Best 73s.
> Marco

Hi Marco, IZ5IOW

I believe that the best solution for your needs is to use a KR-500 with his
control box because it bear not too much in weight and has a 500 ohm
potentiometer into it that can be used in the future for the automatic
control of the elevation via your PC.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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