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Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Sat Jan 15 14:52:52 PST 2011


I use Satellite tracker on my iPod quite successfully, the prediction match
up quite nicely with both Satscape & Satpc32. That being said I also have
Pro sat, which I don't particularly like, for me that's the one I can't get
to match up with my Pc based programs. Px sat is nice but doesn't have a sky
view like Sat tracker, It does have an alarm function that pops up a
reminder that a pass is imminent. That is its main purpose for me. 

For completeness, I just finally bucked down and paid the $24.99 for Pocket
Sat. I used this one on my old palm pilot, Still have that as a back up when
all else fails). If you've use pocket sat in one of it's other platforms it
will look familiar. The big advantage is the number of birds it can track at
any one time. The one thing it is missing (for me anyway) is on the pass
prediction window, the az of the max elevation. I mount my antenna on an old
telescope mount and need to align the mount so it points to the correct
azimuth at max el. Not a big deal as I can get that from other sources
(mainly Satscape) or deduce it from the start & end AZ.

Can't think of any obvious reasons why your Sat tracker app is not jibing
with other apps. I like it because I can add the frequencies for each bird
and it will show the Doppler correct frequency, helps me know when to tune
(I use an HT for sat ops)

Just my 0.612 Malaysian Ringgits worth. Hope it helps

Clear Skies

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews,
Public Outreach Coordinator
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
saguaroastro at cox.net 
K7TEJ, AMSAT 38452

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Hello all,

I'm sure this has been hashed over before, but I'm revisiting the 
question of IPhone "app" recommendations for a satellite tracking 
program. I've tried "Satellite Tracker" but it doesn't correlate with my 
trusted desktop software. It's not even close.

I've see a few others at the App Store, but wanted to get input before 
trying them.

Thanks in advance...Bill - N6GHz
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