[amsat-bb] HO-68 and SO-67 Trouble

Giacobbe Lauser 23tauri at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 10:35:01 PST 2011

So, I've been trying to use SO-67 and HO-68 for a few days now, and I
have had no luck.

For equipment, I've been using a Yaesu FT-60R programmed with the
primary frequencies and two secondaries programmed on either side for
Doppler shift. My antenna is an ELK 2m/440cm.

Now, I know SO-67 has been down, but all the passes I've tried have
been after that satellite was supposedly "repaired" and back on
schedule. Nada. Not even quieting in the receiver.

HO-68 has been a similar bust. I checked the schedule posted from Alan
and highlighted the ones that were supposedly on for FM/PACSAT over NA
and heard nothing. The latest pass I tried was at 17:58 UTC 89 degrees
straight overhead, but still I heard nothing and it was supposed to be

I know my receiver is working, because I checked all my programmed
frequencies, and I have been able to work AO-27 and AO-51 in the past
few days, and I heard the ISS Packet beacon several times as well.

Now that I think of it, I haven't heard SO-50 either.

Any thoughts?

I've had better luck on the weaker sats with my mobile and a short
whip than I have with this ELK antenna. What gives?

- Jake, K3UAZ

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