[amsat-bb] Elk vs Arrow

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 12:03:25 PST 2011

>> ... The Arrow does not publish any gain numbers ...

>> ... ELK publishes the normal numbers you would expect ...

Now, after reading previous posts the past day on this, the FIRST thing that comes t mind is whether or not the writer got his antenna as a freebie as he demeans other antenna alternatives ... AND I WISH NONE OF US HAD TO THINK LIKE THIS.

Because a writer here wrote a mini-review of the Elk, and stated it was "very impressive" as compared to the Arrow. I have to tip my cap to him for his honesty - he apparently (and hopefully!) won't let "availability of freebies" sway his opinion of actual performance. But another AMSAT member is "impressed" with receiving free equipment - which is being shown to cloud the truth as to performance between competing equipment.

Some think Arrow's owner is "arrogant" in that he didn't commission a formal test on the gain of his antennas. On the other hand, those of us that have used them know that they work. I had an engineer client purchase one from me back when I worked for HRO about five years ago. He was standing outside, waiting for me to open shop the next morning, carrying his Arrow to return. "This cannot possibly work," he adamantly exclaimed. "It is engineered all wrong. I want a refund."

Because i had recommended the product due to me own personal experience with them, part of me wanted to professionally "challenge" him and learn more about his overnight experience with the Arrow. But seeing how determined he was about it being "engineered all wrong," I changed my thinking to, "Hey, I can purchase it myself at a "open item" discount."

And I did. And it is the VERY SAME antenna I use to this day for demos and presentation.

BUT - back to the last few messages. What should we all learn? Unfortunately, we now have to think "behind the scenes" when we read felow AMSAT members' product reviews. We're seeing the fact that some vendors give away products has been able to sway and taint honest reporting.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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