[amsat-bb] Elk vs. Arrow - redux

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 11:42:06 PST 2011

>> ...  asked Arrow if they would give some support, they said NO ...
>> ... asked ELK for a donation and they gave him an Antenna to raffle ...

I'd hate to have us swayed by whether or not someone received a freebie from a manufacturer as we recommend equipment.

When I give products away at shows, they are usually paid for - by me. Do I ask for "dealer cost" pricing? Sure. Do I ask for freebies from smaller concerns? Usually not. 

Yes, there's some "behind the scenes" spitefulness because some firms don't give away lots of products at every hamfest they're asked to. But those who are asking are, for the most part, not small business owners, nor have any clue as to what profit margins are involved nor have had the responsibility of running such a small, specialized business. 

And my judgement and pronouncements during presentations - and on the Web - are never "tarnished" nor clouded. I'm never put in the position of stating nor writing, "Well, I use XYZ because ABC didn't send me a sample." 

Anyone who knows me knows I carry my "modified" Arrow antenna with me for presentations and demos. But what did I purchase in Sam Ramon last quarter at the ARRL hamfest? An Elk (ANOTHER Elk) from Ray. I use 'em both. I prefer one over another due to my own first-hand experience the past several years with several models.

No one can state that "Clint recommends this-and-that 'cause he got it free." It's rather liberating being able to be 100% honest with one's audiences. You're beholden to no one.  

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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