[amsat-bb] ELK Antenna

Peter Portanova roic at optonline.net
Wed Jan 12 08:39:11 PST 2011


My Pleasure, this is their site,  http://www.elkantennas.com/  feel free to 
talk with Ray the owner and you can mention my name and that you read my 
posting as a result of Ham Radio University, if you have an interest.  I 
always used an Arrow antenna, by default, until Tim, N3TL was invited to do 
a Satellite Forum, he asked Arrow if they would give some support, they said 
NO!  He never used an ELK but asked them for a donation and they gave him an 
Antenna to raffle.

He then purchased an ELK and began to do many side by side tests and the ELK 
was very impressive at AOS/LOS and it seemed to respond very well to the 
polarization changes as we twisted it.  The Arrow does not publish any gain 
numbers on the antenna, some have come up with their own values but not 
official, ELK publishes the normal numbers you would expect, good luck and 
most of all Enjoy the Satellites, NOW, nothing is forever!

73- Pete

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