[amsat-bb] Re: Protocol

mlolmsted@fuse.net mlolmsted at fuse.net
Tue Jan 11 12:53:37 PST 2011

Having been a ham for over fifty years and having worked most modes of 
operation, including chasing DX and even satellite back in 1979,  I totally 
agree that working AO-51 can get frustrating.  However, if you think the mess on AO-51 is bad, try working a rare dx expedition sometime.  Talk about pile-ups!  

As for protocols, I think I've read this same protocol discussion in just about 
every ham mag. and no one has  come up with a workable solution that solved the problem.  People are individuals and they tend to do what they want to do. 
I really wish I had a workable, amiable solution, but I don't, sorry.  However, I 
don't recommend the Frequency  Policemen idea, they generally just tend to make everyone more upset and the confusion gets even worse 
Now I'll get off my soap-box. 
Merle, AA4QE 

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