[amsat-bb] Re: Sat protocol

Joe jbarkley at truvista.net
Tue Jan 11 11:36:02 PST 2011

I am new to the satellite world as of 3 years ago. I have read all the 
posts on the
thread/s and I am wondering if there is a ACTUAL satellite protocol or 
that could be referenced.
I just the common courtesy I have learn over the years of working the bands
Or at least I hope I do. If I am offending please let me know as I will 
I try and get on the early passes on the FM birds when it is not so crowded
and can a 2 or 3 sentence conversation with guys I have worked before and
guys I have not. It is much easier on the linear birds to do that at 
most any pass.
Just my 2 nickles worth but it would be nice to refer someone to a 
when you feel they are not operating in a manner befitting the hobby rather
than them just thinking you should mind your own business and butt out..


Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:
> At 12:42 PM 1/10/2011 -0800, w6zkh at att.net wrote:
>> Problem is Damon, is that some of the worse offenders are guys who've been
>> around ever since I have been.  Everyone out to get that elusive Grid Square
>> that they've worked a zillion times before.  I too did the same as you, and
>> pretty much void the FM'er anymore, unless something special comes up.
>> For another 2 cents worth:  (I know I'll get flamed) If there is some station
>> announcing here on the BB that they are going to a special grid location 
>> that is
>> rare or needed by someone, then give them and others a break.  Namely, if 
>> he or
>> even any other station that is working Portable or HT status, work him, then
>> QRT, and leave the freq for others.  'Hogging' the channel, working or 
>> calling
>> the same old station you've worked a zillion times before and not letting 
>> others
>> work the Portable/HT stations, just to satisfy your QSO count for more 
>> wallpaper
>> just doesnt hack it, in my opinion.   end of rant & extinguisher in
>> hand.............
>> John
> You won't get flamed by everyone,  I'll join ya in the fire.
> How many times do they actually have to work the SAME grid before
> it finally counts?  LOL
> I don't join in but I listen. It's kind of like listening to CB.
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