[amsat-bb] Re: satellite protocol and HO-68

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Mon Jan 10 19:13:55 PST 2011

Hello all,

Been doing the FM satellite passes now for 7 months and have been reading
the thread on satellite operating protocol that has been making the rounds
the last day with interest.  I have a thought worth mulling over I think,
especially as we attempt to attract more hams to our niche of the hobby.

My comment about satellite protocol has to do with how HO-68 is used when in
the FM/PACSAT mode.  The power level competition between the FM folks and
the packet folks make for a very challenging environment for most operators,
especially the handheld guys like me.  The packet folks have a right as do
the FM folks and I am sure there is as much frustration amongst Packet
satellite operators as is experienced by the average FMer.  If I had the
resources to do SSB/CW I would gladly be using that mode when it comes
around on HO-68 but that is not in the financial game plan for now.

Don't get me wrong, I am much appreciative of the China AMSAT folks for
championing a very serviceable bird for all to use.  I just wonder,
especially for us in NA, if we could work out some sort of gentlemen's
agreement that would help mitigate some of the competition on FM/PACSAT
weeks.  Maybe since CA AMSAT seems to in general work a week of SSB and then
a week of FM, we could work it so that in a given month, the first weeks non
SSB passes would be strictly FM voice and then the second non-SSB week would
be purely Packet.  This would take some definite spreading of the word
through this and other media and would also take some level of discipline by
the two sides to maintain the lines of demarcation.  Such an effort though
would probably go a long way to make an "Easysat" much more enjoyable for

What you all think?

Tom Schuessler
2713 Lake Gardens Drive
Irving, Texas  75060
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