[amsat-bb] Sat Protocol

Dads w0sat at msn.com
Mon Jan 10 16:20:30 PST 2011

        Sat operators: When I started in satellites in the 1990,s.things 
were different.
                                 They had a person that sort of monitored a 
lot of satellite passes
                                  and conversations.
                                 He was a ham that operated sats too.
                                 What he did was sort of police the 
                                   When you used too much power he sent you 
an e- mail.
                                 I believe the rule of thumb  to operate on 
the satellite is
                                 never use no morepower on the uplink than 
you have on
                                 the beacon signal downlink.
                                 So when  he became a SK we didn,t have any 
body to monitor
                                our QSO,s.
                                 Maybe you old timers can remember his call.
                                  Maybe we can have comments from the real 
old satellite operators.
                                    Jerry w0sat 

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