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John Neeley w6zkh at att.net
Mon Jan 10 12:42:55 PST 2011

Problem is Damon, is that some of the worse offenders are guys who've been 
around ever since I have been.  Everyone out to get that elusive Grid Square 
that they've worked a zillion times before.  I too did the same as you, and 
pretty much void the FM'er anymore, unless something special comes up.

For another 2 cents worth:  (I know I'll get flamed) If there is some station 
announcing here on the BB that they are going to a special grid location that is 
rare or needed by someone, then give them and others a break.  Namely, if he or 
even any other station that is working Portable or HT status, work him, then 
QRT, and leave the freq for others.  'Hogging' the channel, working or calling 
the same old station you've worked a zillion times before and not letting others 
work the Portable/HT stations, just to satisfy your QSO count for more wallpaper 
just doesnt hack it, in my opinion.   end of rant & extinguisher in 

John W6ZKH
Linears 99% of the time.....now

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Subject: [amsat-bb]  Sat protocol

Maybe now would be a good time for someone to write an artical for QST on how to 
work the birds! 

Perhaps send an email to the new satellite ops explaining to them proper way  ( 

Something needs to be done thats for sure 

WA4HFN  Damon em55
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