[amsat-bb] OSCAR-11 Report

Clive Wallis clive at g3cwv.co.uk
Thu Jan 6 03:33:32 PST 2011

                   OSCAR-11 REPORT   31 December 2010

At the present time OSCAR-11 (AKA UO-11 or UoSAT-2) is now in a
very stable and predictable mode of operation. There are very
few changes taking place at the present time, I have therefore
decided to limit the size of the monthly reports to a short
status report.

The full monthly report will still be available on my website,
and new listeners to OSCAR-11 should read this for further
information. The URL is www.g3cwv.co.uk/oscar11.htm . This page
contains a links to the longer report, a short audio clip to help
you identify the satellite and a file of the last telemetry
received. The website also contains an archive of news &
telemetry data which is updated from time to time, and details
about using a soundcard or hardware demodulators for data
capture.  There is also software for capturing data, and decoding
ASCII telemetry.

This report covers the period from 30 November to 31 December
2010. During this time the satellite has been heard from 10 to 20
December and from 31 December. It is expected to switch-off on 10
January 2011.

Excellent signals have been reported from stations located around
the world, and good copy obtained from decoded telemetry frames.

The satellite is now transmitting during eclipses, although
signals are weaker at those times. This indicates that there is
still some capacity remaining in the battery.

The on-board clock is now very stable.  It gained seven seconds
during December.

The VHF beacon frequency is 145.826 MHz.  AFSK FM  ASCII Telemetry

Reception reports have been received from Horatio CX8AF, John
KB2HSH, Francisco PY9FP and Mike DK3WN . Many thanks for those
and to everyone who posted reports on the satellite status

At the present time, while OSCAR-11 is operating in a
predictable way, I no longer need direct reports or files by
e-mail. However, could all listners continue to enter reports on
the general satellite status website. This is a very convenient
and easy to use facility, which shows the current status of all
the amateur satellites, and is of use to everyone. Reports around
the expected times of switch-on and switch-off are of special
interest. The URL is http://oscar.dcarr.org/index.php

If you place this bulletin on a terrestrial packet network,
please use the bulletin identifier $BID:U2RPT152 .CWV, to prevent

73 Clive G3CWV   xxxxx at amsat.org (please replace the x's by g3cwv)

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